This long history, means that we have supported our customers for the past 75 years. Thanks to our expertise every day we conduct our business in accordance with the values and commitments which we deploy for our partners.


De Rijke offers customized solutions tailored to all transport and logistics processes across the supply chain, including storage & handling operations, organization of transport arrangements, and value-added operations (bagging, order pickink, cracking).


By drawing on its values, De Rijke applies a philosophy that allows it to anticipate needs and above all to bring added value to the logistics chains of its customers..
PERFORMANCE: to guarantee its sustainability, De Rijke must demonstrate proficiency in its activities and expertise in its businesses. The group, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2020, has constantly sought to offer effective, global solutions that leverage performance.
SATISFACTION: this value is key to ensuring a quality partnership. De Rijke endeavors to set up processes that bring maximum agility and flexibility to obtain the satisfaction of all its stakeholders.
HONESTY: De Rijke operates in businesses where uncertainties are par for the course. As a result, it must unfailingly manage all situations with due respect for all concerned and to ensure effective communication.
IMAGINATION: the pace at which environments are changing calls for constant innovation. De Rijke encourages and esteems the ability to adapt and constantly challenge itself.
COMMITMENT : One of the keys to the success of our organization, through dedicated employees committed to always serving our customers in the best possible way, to provide them with personalized assistance every day and meet each of their expectations.


The adventure began in 1945 when founder Mr. Cees de Rijke bought his first truck from the American army. At that time, the company’s activities were mainly focused on transporting milk and cattle in the region around Spijkenisse and Rotterdam (Netherlands). The subsequent expansion of De Rijke would be continuous and would take it beyond national soil. The company grew via logistics activities for the chemical industry (which flourished in the Rotterdam port area) with the transport of liquid chemicals in tanker trucks.
Starting in the 1960s, De Rijke expanded beyond the Netherlands, opening three European sites, notably that of France in 1982. During this period of expansion, the company successfully founded and acquired numerous sites in Western Europe, before going on to establish footholds throughout all of Europe.
Operating from its headquarters in Spijkenisse in the Netherlands, De Rijke is still an independent, family-owned business, but one with a global standing. It is now a fully-fledged provider of logistics services, with a vast network of traffic flows and logistics warehouses across all of Europe.