We are committed to ensuring and demonstrating our full involvement for all of our partners through actions in terms of corporate social responsibility, traceability, customer tracking, and certifications.

Corporate social

Since 2009, the Rijke Group has been committed to reducing its environmental footprint via the Responsible Care charter.signature de la charte Responsible Care.
This commitment has produced a number of tangible actions :
– 80 Km/h speed limit on all our motor vehicles since 2013.
– 90% of our vehicles meet Euro 6 standards, with an average age of less than 18 mounths
– All our logistics sites are compliant with prevailing standards, in particular the deployment of LED lighting.


For its Logistics activity, since 2005 De Rijke has implemented comprehensive traceability solutions via systematic monitoring of a unique bar code for each package or pallet that passes through its warehouses. It also offers its customers a website on which they can continually track the storage and picking of their products. De Rijke’s proficiency in this technology has prompted it to develop certain fields of activity, such as agri-food B2B commerce, by providing traceability, which in turn means flawless security.

For its Transport activity, De Rijke now deploys a digital solution allowing drivers to receive their assignments directly on their smartphone, and to send information and proof of delivery electronically. We thus provide our customers with an automatic, custom delivery of the information they need.

Customer tracking

De Rijke offers its customers different electronic data interchange (EDI) systems. This digital solution helps gain precious time with administrative operations while ensuring the reliability of the data exchanged.

De Rijke also provides a service for sharing KPIs with its customers to evaluate the quality of the service provided month by month. As of 2020, irrespective of their size, all our customers will be able to exchange all data electronically via a web portal. They will benefit from access to all the data they require, automatically and at the frequency of their choice (proof of delivery, delivery notes, transport documents, KPIs, invoices, etc.)


Quality and safety have always been central to our concerns and our working processes. The De Rijke Group has been certified for more than 30 years: